OPEN CALL : Interactionism

Welcome to the idea of Interactionism, a series of events in which the gallery, or the given space, is transformed into an interactive experience. Each artist will be utilizing his or her skill in new ways. Here are some key points to consider:
Blur the line between artist and viewer. (create an interactive experience so that the viewer becomes engaged or participates with a physical reaction to your art)
Blur the line between curator and artist. (everyone contributes ideas; control and dictation is subdued while equality is encouraged)
Blur the lines between different media. (Some ideas may include: collaborative efforts; having your art interact or respond with other artworks in the show; possible installation-like approaches as connected utilization of space)

Our goal is to make these events pertain to INTERACTIVITY and CONNECTIVITY with the intent to transcend the gallery experience and open the door to those with any creative contribution.

So – how does your art interact with someone else’s art?
And/Or how does your art allow the viewers to physically participate or interact with your idea?