Ghetto Los Angeles

Ghetto Los Angeles

Home of the homies

Dirty city —

You don’t have my pity

Piss stained alleys, trash littered sidewalks and all

This city’s been gang raped by all

her lovers and haters

Such a whore

Overcrowded with men and women

all up in her cunt

Dirty LA, home of the sluts!

City of lost angels

where more is never enough

City of dreams

where everyone’s chasing something

But she will make sure you keep chasing that green

Or live in the gutter with the rest of the trash

And toilet paper that wiped Joe Millionaire’s ass

Dream chasers, paper chasers

I see you come and go

But Los Angeles loves it

LA is a ho

She flashes her celebrity glam tits to make them come

But in reality she almost never makes them cum

And the locals finish last

with overdose, poverty & gunblast

Keepin it real

Ghetto LA.