A note to the reader

D’accord, allow me to fill you in with a general description of myself as author and artistic habitue who will attempt to partially satisfy your perking curiosity. I am Tima Christina, an artist of many facets, an explorer of life, seeker of love and music, appassionata, a woman, man, spirit, one with an obscure hunger.

My intention for this public self-analysis is to gravitate others who are not afraid of creative independence, leadership, and diligence. Myself and others, are surely seeking the same nature: to live art! Art defined by the course of life experience, both internal and external, providing spontaneous, free, expression. No one can tell us how to create our existence, just as no one can tell us how to breathe.

Let us hop islands, pop space bubbles, make choices based on truth, create and cultivate positive connections in all communities.
Let us activate interaction by influencing the senses, creating movement, response and the expansion of reason.
Let us stretch our social and cultural prosperity to an ever-growing, overlapping presence of interactive diversity!

Besos with Xing Fu,
~ Tima