Solo Shows

Revealing The Undiscovered Self: a solo exhibition  May 2012.  El Camino College, Torrance, Ca

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” — Carl Gustav Jung

Revealing The Undiscovered Self: a solo exhibition by Tima Peck

Humanity’s strength and survival rely on its relationships. To build upon this we must first understand our inner self, removed from the ego.

This exhibit contains selected visual and written work over the last five years. For this presentation the viewer should go beyond initial reaction and look for meaning deeper than one based on an ambiance created through appearance or mood.

Knowing one’s self and maintaining relationships with others are two sides to a coin which make a whole. Besides my solo work I have included several collaborative efforts in this presentation, and have also dedicated an area to showcase work of a very talented poet and dear friend of mine, Chad Grant.

Going beyond my individual work and my circle of comrades, the invitation to work with others is extended to anyone with interest in an ongoing conceptual project entitled, Interactionism. It is a series of events in which the lines that divide humanity into groups are blurred, and the given space is transformed into a thought-provoking and interactive setting. I have included a ‘call-to-artists’ as well as the Interactionism manifesto within this display.

If you enjoyed LACMA’s ‘In Wonderland’ exhibit, then you may find ‘Revealing The Undiscovered Self’ to be a contemporary complement to the work our past female intellects. ‘Revealing The Undiscovered Self’ is currently on show in the lobby of the Schauerman Library at El Camino College.